In the first segment, The Senior Hour welcomes Mary Dembkowski back to the program to discuss the latest happenings at Oakmont of Santa Clarita and different events and benefits Oakmont is involved in to support the seniors of the surrounding Santa Clarita Valley. The conversation takes many turns from pets at Oakmont to the fight against Alzheimer’s.

“Actually, it’s been almost three months since we opened our doors and its just flown right by.” – Mary Dembkowski

“It’s very important to us to provide education for our residents, but not only our residents but the seniors in the community.” – Mary Dembkowski

“If we can keep them active and engaged they are less likely to get depressed.” – Mary Dembkowski on the importance for activities and events for seniors

With that being said, Mary informs listeners of the upcoming event Senior Health and Wellness Fair (Living Your Life Like It’s Golden

What: Senior Health and Wellness Fair

When: Friday, April 15 10am – 3pm

To Dos: Free health screenings, cooking and exercise demos, diabetes workshops, giveaways and more

Lunch will be provided!

Presented by: Oakmont of Santa Clarita and Stop Diabetes (American Diabetes Association)

In the second segment, The Senior Hour welcomes back friend to the program Nola Aronson, owner and audiologist at Advanced Audiology to discuss the hearing health of our local seniors. Nola makes an important note about the cost of hearing aids, which she believes scares off a lot of seniors.

“When one has hearing problems and they don’t recognize it, or their loved ones don’t recognize it, their quality of life goes way down.” – Dr. Gene Dorio

“Seniors worry about ‘I don’t want to get a hearing aid cause I’m gonna look old’, but they don’t understand that if you are shouting ‘what, what what?’ all the time that is what’s gonna make you look old.” – Nola Aronson

“The point is, you’re paying for quality, you’re paying for service, and you’re paying for something that is really going to get you to where you want to be in life.” – Nola Aronson

“At Advanced Audiology we have a mission to reach 1,000 [patients] … we would like to educate all of our community on hearing and that’s why we have hearing screenings.” – Nola Aronson