Regardless of whether or not a senior is fully independent or in need of assisted living services, Oakmont of Santa Clarita helps its residents live their lives without the isolation that can be common in older age.

“Some residents may move into Oakmont and need that physical assistance,” said Executive Director Margie Veis. “But there are also residents who move in that need more of a social help. They may be isolated in their homes — maybe they don’t drive anymore, maybe they lost a spouse… So you start to see some of that isolation.”
Veis advised adult children and family members take note if their senior loved one is getting out of the house and spending time socializing, or if they tend to stay home alone and watch television or read.

“That’s going to lead to more problems down the line,” Veis said. “At Oakmont we bring everything to them, and we have seen such a great change in some of the residents.”
For instance, when a resident first moves to Oakmont, their son or daughter might say that their mother just isn’t a social person anymore and prefers to stay home.

However, after settling in at Oakmont, staff tend to notice the new resident branch out, whether it starts with coming to meal time or listening to music at a community happy hour.

“It might be even kind of a passive socialization where they come and sit down in a common area,” Veis said. “They’re not talking to anybody, but they’re listening to the music and their toes are tapping and there’s a smile on their face, and then it just flows from there that they talk to the person sitting next to them.”

Veis continued, “You see it really start to expand. There’s a reason to be getting up. There’s a reason to put on your lipstick. There’s a reason to come out.”

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