Ferrante praised Oakmont of Santa Clarita for supporting the Alzheimer’s Association’s efforts to find a cure and provide support to those afflicted with the disease and their caregivers.

“There’s a lot of people that we talk about and we talk to (who) really support this cause,” Ferrante said. “But then there are a select few who actually do (something). They volunteer, they put money on the table, they come out and walk and they form a team. Oakmont Senior Living is one of those.”

In addition to their sponsorship of the event, Oakmont of Santa Clarita also formed “Team Oakmont” to participate in the walk itself, and had raised more than $1,000 as of May 26.

“This is not easy for an organization to give time, to give money,” Ferrante said. “I want to make sure that people, when they’re thinking about, ‘Ok, who are the people that I want to either do business with, to support in terms of business in this community,’ to look to those that are supporting organizations like the Alzheimer’s Association, and Oakmont is one of those.”

Ferrante also called on the community to get involved in the upcoming walk by signing up to participate, whether that means joining an existing team, starting a new team or being their own one-person team.

“We need people out there to walk– that is the primary fundraiser, that’s the driving force out there,” he said. “Come on out, bring your kids, bring your family.”

For those who can’t make it to the event, Ferrante added that volunteers, sponsorships, donations and vendors are needed as well.

“Whatever anybody can do. There’s all kinds of levels and all kinds of angles of this,” he said. “Even if you can’t come to the walk, but you know some people or can make connections for other people that could volunteer or other people that could sponsor, that’s the kind of stuff we need.”